ZXP7 Top & Bottom Laminate Feed Fail

What to do if you have ever seen this message appear on your ZXP 7 printer “Bottom Laminate Feed Fail Error 17006” and/or “Top Laminate Feed Fail Error 17005”:

A top or bottom laminate feed fail can happen on a ZXP 7 printer if the laminate film is not placed in the laminate cassette properly or the laminate cassette is not fully latched down. These issues can usually be fixed by our end users and is not usually a big problem. We have received calls from customers regarding this issue when they have seen this message come up and are not too sure on what that means.

The first thing to do if you experience this issue is to open the laminating cover. A yellow latch will be in front of the cassette and by pushing it to the left will then release the latch holding the cassette. Once the cassette is released pull out the laminate cassette and make sure the laminate film is not to far out or in the cassette. If the laminate film is too far out or in the cassette the laminating rollers will either not be able to pull in the laminate film or will push the laminate film out and away from where it is fed in. The laminate film should start right underneath the white roller. After this place the laminate back into the printer. When placing the laminate cassette back into the printer make sure the laminate cassette is latched in properly. You should hear a “click” or “snap” when placing the cassette back into the printer. This is a good indicator that the cassette is placed properly into the printer. To see if the laminate is latched in properly check the yellow lever that is in front of the cassette. If the yellow latch is to the right and the cassette does not move when wiggling it then the cassette is fully latched. If the yellow latch is in the middle and the cassette does move freely when wiggling it then the cassette is not latched in properly. You may have to press down on the white roller to help lock the cassette into place. As soon as you have done that you can close the laminating covers. The OCP or the little screen on the printer will start to switch between the messages “Initializing” and “Top Laminate Feed Fail” or “Bottom Laminate Feed Fail”. The printer then will either feed in the laminate film correctly, laminate the card, and the message will disappear or the message will reappear. If the message reappears retry this process to make sure the laminate film is not out of place in the cassette.

Below are some pictures to help see what the errors look like, where the laminate film is placed, and how to tell if the yellow lever is latched.

If you need additional help, please contact the Total ID Solutions support team.

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