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When it comes to Visitor Management Systems, not all software is the same. Total ID Solutions, Inc. has always been looking for the best visitor management systems for our customers. Our main focus is you, our customers.


Our customer’s needs seem to be constantly changing, with that, we also have to change; and when new opportunities arises, we are always at the forefront, looking for new ways to provide for our customers. We take ease-of-use along with scalability into consideration whenever testing new products. We also value support, the same as our customers.


We have recently made a choice to sell and support CardExchange’s Visitor Management System (software package). We feel this product best meets our needs, and we feel that it will also meet your needs. This page only highlights CardExchange’s features, so make sure you click on the links below to get a more in-depth look at this terrific visitor management system.


Visitor Management System

CardExchange Visitor Management logoCardExchange™ Visitor Management software allows your organization to take maximum control and minimize security risks. CardExchange™ is a new player when it comes to visitor management. However, it is built on the same platform familiar to the vast number of CardExchange™ Producer (their photo identification software) users.


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Visitor Management Features

  • Online Pre-Registration
    • Register visitors in advance using intranet based registration
    • Manage your visitors and schedule future visits
    • Pre-registered visitor immediately visible
  • Invitation Management
    • Send invitations to pre-registered visitors with visit details
  • Self Check-In
    • Pre-registered visitors can self-check-in using a kiosk
  • Self Register
    • New visitors can self-register and check-in using a kiosk or a tablet
    • Print visitor badge on demand, after registration
  • Fast On-Site Registration
    • Registration can be completed and a badge printed in just seconds
    • Data can be pulled straight from driver licenses, business cards, or passports
  • Visitor Screening
    • Check visitors against online and local watch lists
    • Automatically alert your security team or other personnel via email or text message
  • Non Disclosure Agreement
    • Draft customized NDA and require visitors to sign using an electronic signature pad or scan their signed document
    • Save electronic copy of signed NDA in the database for future reference
  • Host Notification
    • Notify the visitor’s host via e-mail when their visitor arrives
  • Visitor Badge Printing
    • Design custom visitor badges and print them using name badge printers
    • Use adhesive badges, self-expiring badges, or for repeat visitors, print plastic card badges.
  • Access Control System Integration
    • Enable and disable access control cards (3rd party access control systems) during check in and check out
  • Evacuation Report and Logs
    • Evacuation report can be quickly generated and printed or e-mailed to your security team
    • Select from any of the standard reports or define your own
    • Reports can be printed, emailed, or exported


If you need help choosing the right visitor management system or member tracking software for your organization, contact Total ID Solutions.