Photo Identification Systems

Photo Identification Systems by Total ID Solutions, Inc.

Our Photo Identification Systems are available in a variety of formats. From one with a single-sided card printer, to one that produces photo quality prints, Total ID Solutions can customize one to fit your needs. Whatever your budget, we have the solution.

All of are basic photo identification systems would include the following items:

kidprint child id system with Primacy card printer

  • A Single or Double Sided Color ID Card Printer: Card printer prints full color on front and black on back (dual sided model) in approximately 35 seconds, or color on both sides in about 50 seconds. We sell Evolis, Zebra, Fargo and IDP card printers. Most card printers come with a 2 to 3 year bumper to bumper warranty, depending on the printer manufacturer.
  • ID Management Software: We sell Card Exchange, a complete database and card design software. Includes MS Access or MS Excel databases along with some sample card designs. The ID Card Software is perfect for departmental ID’s, special event ID’s, as well as anything else that can be printed on a plastic card.
  • Webcam with tripod and backdrop: We supply webcams that fully integrate with the identification system for seamless operation directly from the computer. There’s no need to waste time taking pictures with the camera and then transferring them to the computer. With a few clicks, the photo can be stored inside or outside the database.
  • Supplies to print 1000 photo IDs: We include 1000 blank white cards, and enough printer ribbons to print 1000 full color identification cards. Additional supply packs may be purchased in quantities of 500 or 1000.
  • Printer Maintenance Kit: Our superior quality kit includes cleaning cards and swabs to keep the system running in top shape.
  • Installation and Training of the Photo Identification System: We provide full software and hardware training on all aspects of the system, including ideas in which you can create other types of ID’s at no additional cost.

Optional Items Include:


  • Canon Digital Camera: An option Canon Digital camera is available Using a third party application, the camera integrates with the photo ID software.
  • Digital Fingerprint Capture Device: Our digital fingerprint readers capture prints that are equal to or better than forensic quality (~500 lines).
  • Signature Capture Device: Our signature capture devices are high-quality and provide exceptional digital signatures.

Contact Total ID Solutions today to learn how quickly and easily you can implement a photo identification system. Whether you want to replace an existing system or if you’re a first time user, Total ID Solutions has the right photo identification system for you.