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When it comes to photo identification software, CardExchange® speeds up the badge issuing process by allowing the user to design badges on screen quickly and efficiently.

CardExchange® is a cost effective solution which allows government agencies, universities, corporations, as well as small businesses to issue high-quality secure credentials.

CardExchange® version 8 was designed with the end user in mind and takes great pride by using its “Enhanced User Experience” as a marketing tool. The same “Enhanced User Experience” was implemented in CardExchange® 9, with the inclusion of many user friendly enhancements, and FREE LIFETIME VERSION UPGRADES!

Now, the latest release, CardExchange® 10, has not only improved upon the user experience implemented throughout the previous two versions, but also allows the end user to access all of their CardExchange® products from one easy-to-use application, CardExchange® Gateway.

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The Gateway Suite allows you to get all your CardExchange® products, within one easy-to-use application, and one interface, with one simple installation. When it comes to creating products that enable flexibility, cost-effective, and ability to grow with your needs, the Gateway Suite is the product for you.

Database connectivity is easy with CardExchange® 10, making connects to MS SQL, Oracle, MS Access, DB2 MySql or PostgreSQl databases seamless. CardExchange® 10 works with the majority of databases, including ODBC support. CardExchange® is versatile and can be adapted to fit your needs.

CardExchange® 10 design features include an easy-to-use interface complete with drag and drop elements, grouped objects, and true view bar codes. Text information as well as optional photo, and/or fingerprint can be stored in a database for easy reporting.

Download a FREE trial of CardExchange’s photo identification software today and take it for a test spin; just click on the link below. If you would like to see the software in action, Contact Us and we will happy to give you a live demonstration.

Download a Free Trial of CardExchange® Software Version 10


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