IDP SMART-50 Series Card Printer

idp smart-50 plastic card printerThe IDP SMART-50 Series card printer is available for single-sided or dual-sided printing, and is available with or without lamination. IDP makes it easy to recognize the card printer: the SMART-50S is configured for single-sided card printing, the SMART-50D is configured for dual-sided card printing, and the SMART-50L is configured for dual-sided printing and lamination.


The SMART-50 Series card printer is a highly engineered dye-sublimation ID card printer which provide you with maximum efficiency for ID card printing. The SMART-50 Series is designed as a flexible usage printer, which makes upgrading from a basic single-sided printer to a dual-sided printer with lamination an easy task. This also makes it easy for distributors, like Total ID, to choose this printer and save on our initial investment.


We are able to add not only a flipper table, for dual side printing, or laminator for laminating, but also offers a variety of encoders, such as magnetic, contact and contact-less encoders. The enhanced FINE™ Imaging Technology of the SMART-50 Series enables printing of high quality images. SMART-50 Series is a perfect choice for ID cards, membership cards, access control cards, government ID cards, healthcare cards and banking cards. The IDP Corporation is in the process of creating a new era of ID card printers.


The SMART-50 Series plastic card printers produce long-life cards for identification and access control, and can add customizable security features during the printing process. To cater to expanding requirements in card security industry, SMART-50L DLW (Direct Laminating in a Wink) technology provides the most stable and the fastest laminating solutions.


When it comes to security and durability, the SMART-50L (laminating printer) provides premium protection for ID cards.


The SMART-50L Series card printer is suitable for any type of application that requires high security of ID cards such as:
idp smart-50L card printer

  • National ID cards, Driver licenses
  • Government & Military ID cards
  • High security access control ID cards
  • Law enforcement and correctional facility ID cards
  • Airpot ID cards

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