Fargo Plastic Card Printers

A complete line of Fargo Plastic Card Printers is available from Total ID Solutions, Inc.

Fargo Plastic Card Printers and Encoders are the industry choice for outstanding performance, versatility and security. You can choose from High Definition Printers to Direct-to-Card Printers. With options such as encoding modules and laminators, you can configure our printer/encoders for a wide range of applications, from basic photo IDs to biometric smart cards.

DTC400e Card Printer/Encoders

The DTC400e card printer is designed to give your organization exactly what it needs: a professional, modular card printing system that’s versatile and easy to use. Everything about the DTC400e printer/encoder is designed to make ID card issuance simple, secure and virtually maintenance free.

Product Data Sheet: Fargo DTC400e

DTC550 Card Printer/Encoders

The DTC550 card printer is one of the most versatile ID card printer/encoders available. It’s equally at home in a stand-alone application, or as part of a distributed or high-volume card issuance system. The DTC550 can meet your specific requirements with connectivity, lamination and smart card encoding options.

Product Data Sheet: Fargo DTC550

DTC1000 Card Printer/Encoders

The Fargo DTC1000 ID Card Printer is a high quality, convenient and affordable direct to plastic card printer. Sharp, quality ID cards are delivered for small and medium organizations that require full color plastic ID card technology on a budget. The new ribbon cartridge is replaced in a snap. Open the panel, replace the cartridge and close the panel. Your finished. With cleaning rollers included in each ribbon cartridge, the printer is virtually maintenance free.

Product Data Sheet: Fargo DTC1000

DTC4000 Card Printer/Encoders

The DTC4000 card printer is ideal for mid-size organizations seeking versatility in a convenient, professional and secure printing and encoding system. Whether you need employee access cards or membership cards for a gym, the DTC 4000 produces brilliant photo ID cards as well as barcodes and digital signatures for more sophisticated access control identification cards. Its sleek, scalable design simplifies equipment upgrades and migrations to higher levels of security.

Product Data Sheet: Fargo DTC4000

DTC4500 Card Printer/Encoders

The DTC4500 single-sided ID card printer delivers high-volume performance with maximum security. Featuring high capacity ribbon supplies, dual input hoppers, and built-in password protection, the single-sided DTC4500 is designed for organizations that require robust, high-volume printing on a daily basis. High capacity print ribbons and dual input card hoppers allow for maximum card printing and management of different card types.

Product Data Sheet: Fargo DTC4550

HDP5000 Card Printer/Encoders

The standard HDP5000 card printer/encoder comes with a comprehensive list of features. Ideal for technology cards with embedded electronics, it reliably produces cards in High Definition with the highest image quality available. High Definition cards deliver the highest image quality – and highest functionality. The HDP5000 expands easily with additional printing, laminating and encoding modules.

Product Data Sheet: Fargo HDP5000

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