Evolis Primacy Card Printer Videos

Total ID Solutions tries hard to keep our customers informed when it comes to Evolis Plastic Card Printers. One way to do so is by adding a comprehensive list of Evolis Primacy Card Printer Videos. Please review the videos below to learn more about your Evolis Primacy Card Printer.


Evolis Primacy Lamination Unit Operation Video


Evolis Primacy – Quick Start Guide

Watch this video to learn how to get your Evolis Primacy Card Printer up and running quickly and easily. The video includes instructions for connecting the power supply, installing the printer driver, connecting the printer to the PC, installing the media (ribbon and cards), and printing a test card. For additional help, contact Total ID Solutions’ technical support department.



Evolis Primacy – Printer Cleaning


Evolis Primacy – Advanced Printer Cleaning


Evolis Primacy – Activate Flip Over Table


Evolis Primacy – Routine Printhead Cleaning


Evolis Primacy – Clean Dust Filter

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