Evolis Avansia Card Printer

The Evolis Avansia Card Printer is a premium retransfer printer for printing high definition cards.



Avansia Options:

  • Single-sided and Double-sided printing
  • Available Encoding options include magnetic stripes, smart contact, smart contactless
  • Card lifespan is 1-3 years
  • High volumn printing with more than 30,000 cards per year
  • High card security level


Robustness for high security card issuance

Avansia is a Retransfer technology card printer for very high quality card delivery. Designed for rigorous use, Avansia is extremely robust and provides high security card issuance.

The Evolis Avansia card printer is capable of issuing more than 140 single-sided color cards per hour, it is ideal for card issuance in medium and large quantities.


How does retransfer technology work?

The card is printed in two phases:



The card design is printed by dye sublimation on a transparent film,
The printed film is then fused to the card using a thermal bonding process for flawless results.
The built-in flattener applies pressure on the card, thus ensuring a perfectly flat surface.

A Retransfer printer designed for heavy duty card issuance activities

Flawless printing

Retransfer technology (Reverse Transfer) maximizes print quality:

  • High resolution 600 dpi: images and text are rendered perfectly and micro-text and watermarks are printed in high definition.
  • Over the edge printing: this printer will guarantee that your edges print perfectly since the film fully covers the card.
  • Evolis High Trust® consumables : their use provides flawless results.


Increased productivity

Avansia is exceptionnaly fast with an output of more than 140 single-sided color cards per hour.
Thanks to the high capacity feed tray and output tray (250 cards each) – and high capacity consumables (500 prints per roll), you can print your card runs with no interruptions.


Maximum endurance

Designed to issue cards intensively, Avansia is robust and reliable. Its 3-year standard warranty and life time warranty on the print head guarantee your long-term investment. Avansia can operate in critical environments (dust, heat…) thanks to its airtight structure.


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