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Welcome to the downloads for Fargo Card Printers page. In order to update the firmware, you will need to download and install the Fargo Workbench.


All document files are .pdf files and are best viewed in Adobe® Reader. Click on Adobe Reader logo to download reader.

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I you have problems selecting the proper download or need help with your Fargo Plastic card printer, please contact Total ID Solutions support team.

Driver - C30e Fargo Card Printer
Firmware - C30e Fargo Card Printer (v.
Driver - HDP5000 Fargo Card Printer (v.
Firmware - HDP5000 Fargo Card Printer (v.5.3.8)
Driver - DTC4500 Fargo Card Printer
Driver - DTC4000 Fargo Card Printer (v.
Driver - DTC1000 Fargo Card Printer (v.
Firmware - DTC1000/DTC4000/DTC4500 Fargo Card Printers (Legacy v.
Driver - DTC400e Fargo Card Printer
Firmware - DTC400e Fargo Card Printer
Driver - DTC550 Fargo Card Printer
Firmware - DTC550 Fargo Card Printer
Utility - Workbench Setup for Fargo Printers
Doc - Fargo Persona Specifications
Doc - Fargo HDP5000 Data Sheet
Doc - Fargo DTC4500 Data Sheet
Doc - Fargo DTC4000 Data Sheet
Doc - Fargo DTC1000 Data Sheet
Doc - Fargo DTC550 Card Printer Specifications
Doc - Fargo DTC400e Card Printer Specifications

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