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Card Jam or Feed Issue on Evolis Primacy Card Printer

What to do if you experience a card jam, feed issue or “mechanical error” on an Evolis Primacy Card Printer:

A card jam, feed issue, or “mechanical error” can happen on an Evolis Primacy Card Printer, and many times, the end user can fix the problem. We have received some calls where the user experiences cards not feeding into the card printer, saying that cards are getting jammed during the printing process, or they are receiving a “mechanical error” message on their computer screen.

It’s possible that, on occasion, 2 cards will feed into the printer which causes the cleaning roller to become dislodged from the flipper table. If this happens, the cleaning roller may wind up at the bottom of the card printer. In order to find the cleaning roller, you will have to open one of the side panels. To open the side panel, remove the ribbon and pull up on the release button.

If you need additional help, please contact the Total ID Solutions support team.

See photo below for proper position of cleaning roller (red arrow).

Primacy cleaning roller position

Linux Drivers for Evolis Card Printers

Linux drivers for Evolis card printers are now available. The Linux Drivers have been released back in December 2014. They are currently available with RPM or DEB installation packages for 64 and 32 bit version. The Linux drivers are available for the following Evolis card printers: Zenius, Primacy, Elypso, Quantum 1 & 2, Dualys 1/2/3,… Continue Reading

Evolis Tattoo2 – End-of-Sale

As part of Evolis’ policy to update their range of desktop plastic card printers, Evolis recently announced the availability of the Zenius Classic model. The Zenius Expert model comes with USB and Ethernet links as well as multiple encoding options. The Zenius plastic card printer was unveiled at the Cartes 2011 International event and exhibition.… Continue Reading

Evolis Quantum – New Enhancements

The Evolis Quantum® card printer has the most "modular printing and encoding system" available in the direct to plastic card printing industry. The Quantum® is a one of a kind plastic card printer because it has "the power of industrial machines for centralized personalization combined with the simplicity of a desktop printer." The Quantum® has… Continue Reading

Evolis Zenius Card Printer

Total ID Solutions, Inc, a leading provider of photo identification equipment and reseller of direct to plastic card printers, has announced the addition of Evolis’ Zenius, "the next-generation card printer," to our product line. Zenius is an extremely flexible direct to plastic card printer with a strong focus on the user. According to Evolis, they… Continue Reading

Evolis Pebble 10th Anniversary Printer

The Evolis Pebble card printer is the ideal solution for any type of application that requires single-sided printing of id badges. The Pebble is one of the fastest and most reliable direct to plastic card printers on the market today. In June 2000, 10 Years ago, Evolis commercialized its first Pebble printer… Today, to celebrate… Continue Reading

Evolis Plastic Card Printers

In June 2000, Evolis launched its very first Pebble printer on the market. Today, almost 10 years later, Evolis has set itself at the forefront of delivering plastic card printing solution, worldwide. Over these 10 years, product and solution development have been by driven innovation, smart design, quality and flexibility, which are also Evolis’ core… Continue Reading

Securion Card Printer

Total ID Solutions sells and services Evolis plastic card printers. In February, Evolis announced that they have extended their line of laminates for the Securion plastic card printer. Below is a copy of the press release from the Evolis web site. SECURION: a printing and lamination system for high-security badges Angers, France, February 10, 2010… Continue Reading



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