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Photo ID Software Support

Total ID Solutions is changing the way they handle their online support. As technology changes at the speed of, what seems like, sound, we have to keep up with the changes. In the past we were using Citrix’s GoToMeeting. Although GoToMeeting has been a viable product in the past, it now has limitations and connectivity issues, which hinders our service technicians ability to service our customers.

Instead of GoToMeeting, Total ID Solutions will now be using GoToAssist, another Citrix product. GoToAssist allows for faster and more reliable Internet connections. The change of applications requires our customers to download and run the program, so customers have to have the correct security level on their PC to install downloaded apps.

In most cases, GoToAssist can be downloaded and run at the time of the support call. However, if your IT staff controls the installation of programs, they can download the app by going to

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Total ID Solutions by phone, email or online submission form.