CardExchange™ Visitor Management

cardexchange visitor management software
CardExchange™ Visitor Management Software Main Window

CardExchange™ Visitor Management software helps any organization create a more secure working environment by allowing you to control who visits, and when they visit, your facility.

A simple step-by-step procedure makes it easy to register, authorize, manage and track visitors.

The CardExchange™ Visitor Management software is built on the Microsoft™ Office platform, which adds to the “ease of use” feature, since the majority of computer users have some experience with an Office product.


Fast Registration

CardExchange™ Visitor Management software’s pre-registration feature helps relieve lobby congestion and makes your visitors feel important, by providing them with a “VIP experience.” Pre-registration reduces visitor back-log, which makes for a much better visitor experience. The frequent visitor feature allows you to quickly register returning guests without having to create a new registration. From start to finish, CardExchange™ gives you the control and tools you need to manage your visitors your way.


Professional Visitor Badges

CardExchange™ Visitor Management software’s badge designer provides you with all the tools you need to “create the perfect card for your needs in a simple and fun way!” The badge designer module gives you the look and feel of being in Power Point™, another Microsoft™ Office product, of which many computer users are already familiar with.


Enhanced Security

CardExchange™ Visitor Management allows for a quick look-up of visitors that may have been placed on a watch list, and with one click of the mouse, you can see all currently expired badges.


If you need additional information on CardExchange Visitor, please contact Total ID Solutions.


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