Card Exchange signatures, images, and logo’s having black background and/or Magnetic encoding not encoding card problem.

With Card Exchanges latest release of 9.2 some of you may have come across some of your logos, images, or signatures on the cards coming out either having a black box on them or around it (Below is an example). As well as magnetic encoding not encoding your cards even with your printer and card designs set up correctly for magnetic encoding. The reason of this may be due to the GDI+ printing being enabled. With the release of version 9.2 of Card Exchange an option called “GDI+ plus printing” is turned on by default instead of manual selecting it as before. To get rid of the black box surrounding your signature, image, or logo and/or to see if this will fix your encoding you will have to do the following steps.

1) In your Card Exchange go to your card that is having that particular issue.

2) Go into the designer of that card.

3) below the save button on the top left screen he/she will see a a drop down button right next to the “Home” tab.

4)Click on it to open the drop down.

5) He/She will see an option called “Page Setup” click on it.

6) Another window will appear with tabs up top. Select the tab called “Template”.

7) Under the “Template” tab you will see the “GDI+” check box checked. He/She can either uncheck it or check the check box below it saying “Enable pre-rendering of objects”.

8) After that click on “OK” then save the design and print a card to see if that solved the issue.

If you are still having some issues please feel free to contact us at Total ID Customer Service.

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