Photo Identification Testimonials

Welcome to Total ID Solutions’ photo identification testimonials page. We are interested in hearing from our customers. Please submit a testimonial about your experience with us. As part of our gratitude, for submitting, we will include a link back to your web site, Facebook fan page, or any URL you provide.

Thank you and we appreciate your business.

An email to our salesman, Steve Siko, from the Director of Marketing at Great Lakes Truck Driving School:


I want to thank you for all of your help. You have been wonderful by keeping in touch and following up with me. I spoke with a few different companies to check into a badge maker. I chose your company because you have been so helpful and informative. You listened to my needs and helped to come up with a solution for me. I also appreciate the time you took to come out and visit the school to demo the product – that was extremely helpful!

I had my training and installation today. The staff was extremely patient and kind to me as I had to reschedule about 3 times before I could make the call. I felt terrible and they reassured me that they completely understood and that they were there to help me whenever I was available.

Once I was on the call, he was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, and patient as I learned the software. He also paid a great deal of attention to how I will be using the system and came up with even more ideas on how to make my process easier! He set the cards up so that it actually saves the photos with the exact file name I need them to be. I actually have to upload those photos with that specific file name – so I get to save another step!!

During the training, we set up the card exactly as I will be using it moving forward. I wasn’t expecting being able to use this so quickly! The cards are perfect and after the training session I am very comfortable using the software. I was surprised how easy this turned out to be.

It’s becoming quite rare to have such a good experience with all aspects of a company – especially after a sale was made.

Feel free to forward my comments to anyone else in your company! I hope everyone there realizes how much of a difference their positive attitudes and willingness to help makes such a difference. If any company ever asks for a business referral, you are more than welcome to forward my message or have them contact me.

Thanks again,

Melissa Snyder
Director of Marketing
Great Lakes Truck Driving School

An excerpt from the Johnson City Police Department in Tennessee. They are currently using our KidPrint Child Identification System:

Recently, my agency, the Johnson City (TN) Police Department, purchased one of your systems for the dual purpose of producing new departmental identification cards for our employees as well as for implementing a KidPrint program. I am sending this message to let you know of the appreciation I feel toward several of your employees…"

Jim Tallmadge
Johnson City Police

An email we received from the Elizabethtown Police Department in Kentucky;

We use Total ID for our accountability system. Each firefighter has an ID card showing their level of certifications by color, Green – Explorers, Brown – Recruits, Red – Certified Firefighters, Yellow – Officers. This system is used County wide and has been very successful."

Chief Hulsey
Elizabethtown Police

An email we received from the Georgetown Police Department in Kentucky. They are currently using our KidPrint child identification system:

We at the Georgetown Police Department have been using the KidPrint system from Total ID Solutions for several years. We use the system to use as identification for kids, and print identification cards for all city employees. We recently upgraded to a new system and Dualys printer. The system is very user friendly and set up is easy…"

Sgt. Todd Stone
Georgetown Police Department