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Introducing the Long Range Paxton Keyfob

Introducing the Long Range Paxton Keyfob

Do you have a facility that needs to simplify access for those with special needs, or where 5-10 feet is required to enter a gate or door?

Paxton Access Control introduces the NET2AIR Hands Free family. The NET2AIR Keyfob is an access control token that can be placed within a pocket, handbag, or on a keychain and operates without direct contact. The 3-dimensional battery-operated antenna ensures that the long range is maximized regardless of orientation within the reader RF range. This is useful for gates and barriers, loading doors or in facilities where ADA accessibility is a concern.

Depending on the distance required (2′ – 15′), the NET2AIR Keyfob works in conjunction with the Paxton standard P Series proximity readers and the Hands Free accessory board. This allows simultaneous operation of passive cards/fobs to work at typical range while those with NET2AIR Hands Free Keyfob to get the longer range.

For extremely long range, personnel can use the NET2AIR Keycard (with buttons) to reach a operating range of 160 feet. The NET2AIR family is an excellent choice for ADA-compliant or elder care facilities, vehicle entrances, cleaning crews, or any entrance requiring a simple, hands free solution.

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