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Evolis Tattoo2 – End-of-Sale

As part of Evolis’ policy to update their range of desktop plastic card printers, Evolis recently announced the availability of the Zenius Classic model. The Zenius Expert model comes with USB and Ethernet links as well as multiple encoding options. The Zenius plastic card printer was unveiled at the Cartes 2011 International event and exhibition.

Positioned as entry-level products, Zenius printers will shortly replace the current Tattoo2 printers. These new machines represent a great leap forward for Evolis, as they come with unmatched ergonomics, a noticeable decrease in energy consumption, and also boast of vastly improved performance.

As a result, Tattoo2 printers will no longer be sold from December 31, 2011 onwards. However, orders will be met only if placed by
December 16, 2011 at the latest.

Both, consumables and replacement parts for the Tattoo2 will remain available after the sale of the Tattoo2 ceases.

If your have a large Tattoo2 usage or inventory, please report any issue that may arise from this end-of-sale scenario to Total ID Solutions, Inc. We will forward your concerns to Evolis so they can study each case, cater to specific user requirements, and avoid complaints and litigations.

Please notify any additional direct users about this End-Of-Sale as quickly as possible.

To enable your migration from Tattoo2 to Zenius, the Total ID Solutions, Inc. team is at your disposal for any information or request for support that you may need.

Note that tests carried out by Evolis, and Total ID Solutions, Inc. shows that Zenius is close to 100% compatible with Tattoo2. Furthermore, the Linux and Mac OSX printer drivers will be available in February 2012.

Total ID Solutions Launches New YouTube Channel Initiative

In an effort to reach potential new customers and support existing customers, in a multi-platform environment, Total ID Solutions, Inc. announced that the company has developed a new online video channel through YouTube. Our company’s goal with this channel expansion is to generate additional traffic to our main site, and offer an expanded (24/7) support… Continue Reading



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