Monthly Archives: November 2011

Total ID Solutions Launches New YouTube Channel Initiative

In an effort to reach potential new customers and support existing customers, in a multi-platform environment, Total ID Solutions, Inc. announced that the company has developed a new online video channel through YouTube.

Our company’s goal with this channel expansion is to generate additional traffic to our main site, and offer an expanded (24/7) support window. Our support department is currently open from 9am to 5pm EST, which can leave some of our west coast customers in the dark when it comes to getting their questions answered. The videos uploaded to YouTube should help alleviate some of their troubles concerns.

Our channel will expose us to new audiences and help us engage potential customers. This platform will create opportunities for us to promote our products and services, along with answering some customer’s questions.

To learn more about Total ID Solutions, Inc. visit our web site. To view our YouTube channel, click on the following link: Total ID Solutions on YouTube.