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New Zebra Value Class Printer Firmware

New Zebra Value Class Printer Firmware

The Value class card printers – P100i™, P110m™, P110i™ and P120i™ – introduce support for a new firmware release, version 2.00. The new Zebra value class firmware replaces the current version 1.18.25, and is compatible with the current Value class driver version 8.00.

The new firmware v2.00 supports the following:

  • Automatic switching between the card feeder and the manual single-feed modes.

        •   A setting via a firmware command allows the printer to accept a card from either the front single-feed slot or the card feeder hopper. If a card is inserted in the front feed slot, the printer will use this card instead of the cards in the card feeder hopper.

        •  The current card feeder and single-feed modes are still supported.
  • New color sensor LED that senses the color ribbon panels.

        •  The new firmware is compatible with the current color sensor LED.

Below is the table showing the compatibility for the Value class printers with the new firmware and current driver.

Important Note: The new firmware is only compatible with the driver version indicated below. Please install both the firmware and associated driver.

 Printer Model  Firmware Version  Driver Version
P100i  2.00  8.00

Once the new version of firmware is released by Zebra, for the Value Class card printers, it will be available for download on the Total Id Solutions Online Support page. The v8.0 driver will also be available on the same page.

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