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Visitor Management Systems are essential parts of any security plan

Electronic Visitor Management Systems are becoming widely regarded as an essential part of physical security infrastructure in any building regardless of size. Visitor Management Systems are being adopted across the board in many industries including:

Health care facilities, schools and other educational buildings, corporations of all sizes, multi-tenant buildings, etc. All of the above industries have a common goal of monitoring visitor traffic through consistent registration and visitor policy enforcement procedures.

You can enhance your access control and perimeter security systems by providing a simple and effective way to register, badge, track and manage your facility’s visitor traffic.

Your lobby or front office is your first line of defense and your visitors first impression. With increased threats, the traditional method of using a log book and generic paper visitor tags leaves you vulnerable. Total ID Solutions can offer simple and effective ways to gain better control of your visitor traffic. With our highly sophisticated digital visitor management systems, visitors are identified, potential threats are flagged, expected visitors can be pre-registered, badges are issued, and visitors are tracked while on the premises.

Total ID Solutions offers multiple software packages to fit your particular needs. All systems offer unprecedented control and enforcement of visitor security policies. They are enterprise level systems that can leverage your existing security/network infrastructure to offer a flexible and open solution.

Digital Visitor Management Systems will:

• Determine who is in your facility at all times
• Identify unwanted visitors (silly offender or denied parties lists are fully integrated)
• Eliminate abuse of visitor badges (photos can be put onto the tag and self-expiring tags are available)
• Protect the confidentiality of visitors (no more searching through the visitor log book to see who has been in previously)
• Facilitate communication between hosts, visitors, and security personnel (fully integrated with email services)
• Improve lobby and security desk productivity (self-registration kiosks can free up valuable resources)

How does it work?

In a matter of a few seconds:

1. Scan a business card or drivers license to gather information about the visitor. For pre-registered and returning visitors, badges may already be waiting for the visitor upon arrival and simply need to be scanned for check in.
2. Take a photo of the visitor and log it into the visitor’s electronic record.
3. Discretely perform security checks to ensure the visitor is expected, not on a visitor watch list, and have the visit authorized in real-time.
4. Print an professional looking badge with the visitors name, photo, expiration time, valid access areas and any other required information. Visitor badges can be printed on thermal direct label printers, ink jet or laser color printers or dye-sub plastic card printers. Visitor badges can have features such as time-expiring stamps or tamper-resistant inks.

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